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Moody colors. Natural materials. And a conspicuous absence of white. “Design is always evolving,” according to Leyla. This is beautifully evident in the space she envisioned. Flowing seamlessly from the graceful lines of the Coranto™ Kitchen Collection, it’s a room that juxtaposes old with new as it makes the most of each and every square inch.

Discover more about the room, our collection and Leyla’s ideas below.

There’s only five or six elements in the room, but it creates this really beautiful space.

What’s the best way to characterize your kitchen?

Moody and traditional. Maybe a little bit European. I live in a small house, and I wanted a small kitchen. I know everyone likes big kitchens and gigantic islands. I wanted something a little bit different. There’s only five or six elements in the room, but it creates this really beautiful space.

Where did you get started on the design?

The jumping off point was the floor. It’s a natural, honed, sort of beat-up stone that feels like it’s been in that kitchen for a hundred years. That older earthy feeling made me want to take the cabinets dark green. And then, as I thought about it more, I wanted to bring in the millwork, layer it, and spray the whole thing in one color. It all just flows together.

Is this more timeless look something different for you?

I lean more modern, but I feel like my design sense is starting to move in a more traditional direction. There’s an exciting shift in what we’re designing for clients, too. We’re bringing in more color, we’re bringing in more texture, and spaces are feeling less flat.

“A well-designed space looks like it’s been collected over time.”

Does the Coranto Kitchen Collection fit that aesthetic?

For the longest time, new faucets have been really straight and streamlined. And so, to see this beautiful tailored faucet come out that has curved lines to it—I think it’s perfect. It’s a really good mix of modern and traditional.

What were the tricks to making a small space do more?

I put in a great big appliance garage. I’m leaving hardware off of our doors and drawer fronts, and instead cutting out insets to grab. Plus lots of open shelving.

Any budget tips?

Beautiful vintage reproductions, like a rug, are a fraction of the cost and still add a layer that you want. Plus, the technology that’s going into flooring, materials, and countertops are coming a long way. Laminate used to be a bad word, but it’s not what your grandmother was using.

“I lean more modern, but my design sense is starting to move in a more traditional direction.”

What advice do you give up-front before a redesign?

Don’t start the construction, don’t start the process, without knowing exactly what you want to do in that space—down to the materials that you’re selecting and the layout you want to have. It’s going to keep you on budget and on track.

How does it feel when you finish a project and share it with a client?

When I get to the end of a project—and I don’t care how long I have been doing this and how many projects I have under my belt—you always think, “Wow, it works!” There’s always like this, “We did it.” That vision I had in my head that I put onto paper… and now someone has built it. It’s exciting, and your client is in tears.

It’s the best part.

About Leyla

Leyla is the owner and creative director of Design Shop Interiors in Sacramento, California. Her firm is full-service. Her perspectives are honest. And she believes your home is nothing less than your story. And she thrives on turning connections with her clients into personally meaningful spaces.

Find her here:
@designshopinteriors   |   designshopinteriors.com