Explore the kinds of choices that give a home soul.

There is a sweet spot where sophistication and comfort don’t just intersect, but balance beautifully. For Leyla Jaworski, envisioning a room around our Cassidy™ Bath Collection began as an exploration, evolved over time and eventually resulted in a space where a family can feel truly at home.

Discover more about the room, our collection and Leyla’s ideas below.

I think that you can have a polished space that feels put together, that feels sophisticated, that you can live in every day.

So, how would you describe your room design?

Whenever I’m designing a space like this, if it’s not attached to a real family, I make up a family in my head. “Who’s living here? What are they like?” I imagined it for a couple who lives in Southern California. They ended up renovating and were able to use all the components they wanted.

We put the bathtub in the shower with two shower heads. There’s a beautiful wet room with an amazing floor-mount tub filler and two shower heads. I wanted to use soft colors and earthy materials. Calcutta marble floors paired with a tile that’s a rosemary green color. I wanted it to feel very relaxed, very livable, but very polished.

What was it about the Cassidy Bath Collection that made the most difference to your design?

When I design a bathroom or a kitchen, there’s always a jumping off point. I really loved the Cassidy tub filler because it was so special. It had so much detail. So, I just started to build from there. Being from California, and being who we are as a design firm, I wanted it to feel earthy and I really picked color choices that set off the Champagne Bronze finish.

Are you more modern or traditional?

It’s really interesting. I lean modern. I lean straight lines. But I like mixing styles and elements. Whether it’s an old object in a new house, or a more traditional style in a modern, newer home—it’s a great juxtaposition. It’s those types of choices that give a house soul.

“I think there used to be this persona of a designer that we only created untouchable museum quality spaces.”

What’s the difference between a well-designed space and one that isn’t?

I believe a well-designed space looks like it was collected over time. Not like you just walked into a furniture store and bought everything you saw on display. I love an eclectic look. Certainly, texture and different materials add to that. But for me, the layering of the different styles is what pulls it all together.

So, I knew when I had Cassidy that I could incorporate that into an eclectic, more modern bathroom and it wouldn’t feel cold. It would have that layered effect.

Where does your design process really begin?

The first thing I need to feel is a connection with our clients. That’s the most important thing. Once I make that connection and I can really dive into who they are and what they want, then I can bring that to life.

How does having options affect your designs?

Once I could see all the different components within the Cassidy collection, I started to piece the room together. I thought I was going to do a vessel sink with a vessel faucet and then I saw the wall-mount faucet. I decided I liked those better. When you start digging in, and all of the different options are presented before you, your design evolves.

“I don’t ever want to design a space because it’s pretty, I want it to be attached to the family that is living in that home.”

What’s the biggest design trend you see?

The spaces we’re creating are livable. When clients are calling us, that’s one of the biggest requests. Most people don’t want things that are too precious. We live in our homes! People don’t want fussy. We bring a level of livable sophistication to our spaces.

Does your firm have a particular design philosophy—and do you stick to it?

We do. Our philosophy is that a person’s home is their story. The second you walk in that door, there are so many things and objects and styles that are going to say so much about that person, that family.

It’s really important, as you’re designing a home, it’s a reflection of who you are and what you want that story to be. I don’t ever want to just design a space because it’s pretty. I want it to be attached to the family living in that home.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a magician.

About Leyla

Leyla is the owner and creative director of Design Shop Interiors in Sacramento, California. Her firm is full-service. Her perspectives are honest. And she believes your home is nothing less than your story. And she thrives on turning connections with her clients into personally meaningful spaces.

Find her here:
@designshopinteriors   |   designshopinteriors.com