Classical lines can go places you don’t expect.

We gave Eche Martinez what was essentially a blank canvas on which to express his vision of a distinctive bath space. The sole parameter: create it around our Stryke® Bath Collection. From inception to fruition, the sense of classical refinement remained strong. But if you look closely, there’s plenty of the unexpected to appreciate.

Learn more about the room, our collection and Eche’s perspectives below.

“Every great space starts with great architecture. But the details bring it to a human scale.”

What’s the feeling your room conveys?

I wanted to convey a very elegant, masculine vibe. It’s a beautiful, classical space with the wood paneling. It’s very layered and very rich. But also, I wanted it to be approachable.

That’s why there’s all the different objects and artifacts that look as if they have been collected over time by the client. Great artwork. Quirky objects and masks. In the end, I wanted to it feel like someone’s home. It’s a space that is not only lived in, but enjoyable.

How did the Stryke faucet lend itself to that vibe?

The thing I found fascinating about this faucet was that it really inspired me to take a classical direction with an unexpected nod to it. To me, the beauty of the Stryke® collection is it’s versatile. You can use it in a more contemporary space or a more traditional space. To me, its simple lines can be translated into any room.

What were you trying to say through the materials you chose?

When we were selecting the materials for this room, we wanted them to be noble materials. We brought some really rich, beautiful walnut samples to start our scheme from. And I’m a really big fan of natural stone. But I just wanted to be sure that we stuck to this mindset of a classical space, almost like an old-school tennis club. A beautiful paneled room where you just want to hang out. That, to me, is really what makes a room work.

Did the Matte Black finish make a difference?

The textural component of the Matte Black finish is something really unexpected for a bathroom faucet. People expect to have the usual suspects. Chrome or maybe Brass or Nickel. But there’s something so elegant and understated about the Matte Black. It totally goes with our aesthetic. It was a winner.

How do you know when you’re in a well-designed space?

When a space is well-designed, it just feels right. It not only relates to you and your family, it transcends the sheer use of the space into something bigger. What makes your friends want to hang out in your space? Or, if you have kids, why is your home the one that all the kids want to hang out in after school? That, to me, is when a home is perfect. It all starts with design.

Where does your design process start?

When we start a project, we really need to understand our clients’ lives. We go through a very strict exploratory phase where we try to foresee what the use of their home will be in the coming years. Part of the exploratory phase is really getting to know their aesthetics. We want to focus on what’s going to make them happy. On making their home not only beautiful, but functional.

Do details (like the choice of a faucet) really matter?

When you are designing a space, you want to make sure you bring it down to the details that make a home “home.” By that I mean when you are thinking of a home as a gathering space, every decision you make—from selecting your finishes to your furniture—you need to bring it to a human level. To me, that really finds the meaning of home.

“It could be bold art. Or use of color. For a room to be balanced, you need something unexpected.”

You call designers “agents of taste.” Why is that?

We really want to see the world through our clients’ eyes. So, when I’m picking plumbing fixtures, I really want to make sure that we can convey a customized visual language for a home to feel very unique and special.

Delta Faucet is great for that. Every time we walk into a showroom, we see this really great array of products, and we can really narrow it down to which aesthetic or mindset we’re going for.

What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve done to a space?

Hung a canoe from the ceiling.

Design philosophy?

Never stick with any trends.

Our design philosophy is finding beauty mostly in classical lines, but without taking ourselves too seriously.

About Eche

Eche is the founder of his eponymous interior design firm in San Francisco, California. A strong background in architecture and luxury branding is evident. As is his penchant for interesting surprises.

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