Discover how architecture and innovation inspires.

Creative journeys begin daily. This one started when we asked Avissa Mojtahedi to take our Pivotal® Kitchen Collection and end up practically anywhere she wanted. Ultimately, she envisioned a space that is worldly, urban and even a bit decadent. And, by her own admission, one suited for comfort whether you’re wearing sweatpants or donning a fine silk robe.

Explore the room design, our collection and Avissa’s insights below.

“I love to mix components, infuse a lot of emotion, and add an architectural flair.”

What kind of room did you imagine around the Pivotal faucet?

I wanted to incorporate a Parisian aesthetic brought into a Manhattan or Toronto condo. I decided to use beautiful pink marble for countertops and copper cabinetry. The pink and copper tones really needed a nice balance with a warm texture. Walnut was a “go to” for me in the island as well as around the appliances. The colors are so warm and inviting. Very sophisticated and decadent, but still suited for any city or any clientele.

By starting with the Pivotal Kitchen Collection, what specific difference did it make to your thought process?

Starting with Pivotal, it lends itself to any design. But because it is very architectural, it made me want to incorporate other architectural detailing, like a lovely crown molding. I wanted the actual kitchen design to be very structural. I wanted to add curved components and play with additional finishes. It is a piece of art at the island or in the kitchen.

My philosophy behind design is pushing boundaries through creativity.

Where do you typically start when working with a client?

When I design it is definitely a creative journey with my client. It’s about understanding them and then creating a beautiful space to enjoy. When we first meet, I ask questions like who lives in your home? Do you like each other? What are you looking to feel like in the space?

After I get to know them a bit better, then we get into the design: What are your favorite colors? What is your design aesthetic? What style do you prefer? It’s more about establishing a relationship rather than “I’m your designer, here you go. Goodbye.”

What design elements are most important to you?

I feel like shapes are really important. So, architecturally playing with voids and solid spaces—you need to have that balance. Color to me is also so important. It just adds a ton of life to an interior. It actually really affects you mentally and emotionally, so it is not just creating an aesthetic. It is creating a vibe.

Lighting, in general, is actually one of the most important elements in design. It acts as another layer to creating the overall look. Natural light affects us on a daily basis, as well, and adds emotion.

Beyond its form, what else about Pivotal Kitchen Collection stood out to you?

So, having the Touch2O® faucet in the kitchen actually does change lives. The fact that you can have messy hands and turn the water on and not worry about the messiness of the faucet later on? That’s just excellent. And the exposed hose is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. The mix of textures between the hose material and the actual fitting is very interesting.

“The kitchen is intended to make you feel like you’re in Europe, and you just want to hang out.”

How does innovation or technology factor into your thinking?

I feel technology and functionality is so important from a designer’s perspective, as well as the homeowner. Design is functional. It has to be beautiful, but it has to serve a purpose. Delta® has done an incredible job because they created something that is not just beautiful to look at but makes lives easier through technology. The innovation inspires me to be more innovative with my design.

Is there one key factor to designing a space that’s unique, but also practical?

Color, if it’s in the right doses, helps to create a space that is unique but practical. The key is selecting the necessary spots to be bold and striking, while your larger pieces are neutral and toned down.

What is design?

Design is a feeling: an emotion. A layering of colors, textures, shapes, and different design styles. It is organized chaos. But when you step back and look at it, it’s a whole production that makes me happy.

About Avissa

Whether working from her Toronto firm, Avissa Design, or lending her talent as Art Director with HGTV®’s The Property Brothers, she’s looking to capture personal style in ways that are unique and practical.

Find her here:
@avissadesign   |   avissadesign.com